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Action Alert: Senate Farm Bill deserves your qualified support. Call Your Senator Today!

Chrys Ostrander

The US Senate is poised to vote on its version of the 2018 Farm Bill THIS WEEK!  While not perfect, the Senate version is far better then the "toxic" Farm Bill version that was passed last week by the US House of Representatives. The Senate version deserves your qualified support.

The Farm Bill is huge and complex but there are organizations that advocate for sustainable agriculture and equity within the food system (remember, the Farm Bill is not just about farming. It also governs the federal nutrition assistance program called SNAP, formerly known as Food Stamps). 

Here are some links to websites that explain the issues and provide guidance for YOU TO CONTACT YOUR SENATORS TODAY!

Your voice makes a difference!

National Sustainable Action Coalition

National Farmers Union

National Organic Coalition

Food Research and Action Center

This is the best, most up-to-date reporting on the Farm Bill I have encountered: Politico's 'Morning Agriculture.' It's daily!) You can also sign up on this page to have this news delivered to your email inbox every morning. Knowledge is power.

Action Alert June 2018