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Thank you for your on-going interest in learning about and acting upon the crucial issues facing our regional food system here in the beautiful Inland Northwest. From fighting climate change with regenerative agriculture to increasing access to fresh, local farm products for everyone in our community, there's a new, powerful energy coursing through food activism these days, around the world and in our backyards.

The pandemic showed us the fragility of a highly centralized, concentrated industrial food system. It shined a spotlight on corporate agribusiness revealing a cut-throat, exploitative, planet-killing behemoth that cares more about the short-term profit of a few than the well-being of the many and of our Earth.

I know that the only way to counter the formidable power of the industrial ag complex is by mobilizing people at the grassroots, and people at the grassroots need information they can use to fuel their arguments and sway our policy-makers.

That's what I work to do. I spread information. It's like sowing seeds. I hope the seeds fall into fertile spots; that tiny seedlings are able to sprout. With the right care and attention, may they grow to enormous heights. I want to help grow a forest of food activists and "overgrow the system."

That's why I started the Inland FoodWise Journal back in May of 2017. That's why I've published 70 Inland FoodWise articles since then and sent 40 Action Alerts via email so far this year alone.

I don't like to ask for money, but times are tough as you no doubt know. Income from my web design business has taken a hit during these turbulent months and the time I spend researching, writing and networking are all unpaid volunteer hours. Thankfully, my living situation has a low overhead and my financial needs are minimal, but I still need money for the basics and to keep me being able to be productively engaged in the struggle.

Will you please send me a donation so I can continue? I've made it easy for you to do. You can use your PayPal account, credit card or debit card to make your donation.

Thanks again,

Chrys Ostrander, Publisher

Please note: Donations to me for publishing the Inland FoodWise Journal are not tax-deductible.

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