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September 1, 2017

Welcome to the Second Edition of
The Inland FoodWise Newsletter

The Inland FoodWise Newsletter will start out as a quarterly journal that will be available as an email subscription as well as on-line. Going to monthly might happen if our team of writers is up for it. Later on we will explore also publishing a printed version. It will always be a free publication. In addition to the newsletter, in between published editions, subscribers will receive timely email Foodwise Action Alerts informing them of actions they can take to help craft a more sustainable and equitable food system. Subscribe!

In this issue:

Are People Allowed to Feed Each Other? Food Sovereignty in the Inland Northwest.
Chrys Ostrander

Washington State Department of Ecology: Deny Permission to Spew Sewage Sludge in Mill Canyon's Watershed
Protect Mill Canyon Watershed

Details Regarding Protect Mill Canyon Watershed’s Objections to the Land Application of Sewage Sludge by a Neighboring Farm
Protect Mill Canyon Watershed

Can Hydroponics be Organic?
Chrys Ostrander

Panhandle Gardening and Forestry
Jason Smith

Actively Aerated Compost Teas - Nature’s Miracle Grow
Jefferson Edward

Volunteerism and Community
Thom Foote

Straw - Leave it in the ground!
Chrys Ostrander

September 1, 2017