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FoodWise Action Alert: Spokane's Only Zoned-Agricultural Farmland Under Development Threat

Chrys Ostrander

Picture showing housing development destroying farmland

Spokane! Don't let this happen to your only remaining zoned-agricultural farmland.

Public Hearing May 2 at 9am in the Council Chambers, Lower Level of Spokane City Hall

This property is in Vinegar Flats along the banks of Latah Creek. Can't we find a better way to manage this precious parcel? It should be growing food, not housing units.

The development project is called Deep Pine Overlook. Official information about the proposal is on the City's website at

More detail and talking points will be added here soon. FoodWise Subscribers receive the newsletter and Action Alerts in their email inboxes (they may experience slightly heavier traffic for the next two weeks as we near the hearing date on this issue).

Contact Chrys Ostrander: for more information.

Meanwhile, although the official written comment period passed on April 12 (oral testimony will be taken at the hearing on May 2), if you live in Spokane, it wouldn't hurt for you to contact the Mayor, your City Councilmember and the City Planning Department. Ask them to make sure that the preservation of Spokane's crucial agricultural resources is placed as a top priority and consideration in ALL of its planning decisions. Here are their contact information:

Mayor David A. Condon

City Council President
Ben Stuckart
City Council President

District 1

Kate Burke
City Council Member

Mike Fagan
City Council Member

District 2

Breean Beggs
City Council Member

Lori Kinnear
City Council Member

District 3

Candace Mumm
City Council Member

Karen Stratton
City Council Member


Planning and Development Services 
Tami Palmquist, AICP, CFM 
Associate Planner

Action Alert April, 2019