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Action Alert! Protect Farmers' Freedom to Feed You and Your Right to Eat What You Choose

Chrys Ostrander

Family farmers have a long tradition of farming, raising, and processing their own food for themselves, families, friends, and neighbors. Clarifying and allowing small producers and conscious consumers to process, trade and consume local livestock is not just in benefit to farmers, but also workers, and the community economy. Moreover, small local ranchers are real stewards of their land and thus our shared environment. It is important that the USDA has a clear and transparent process based on established law that is not subject to arbitrary changes at the discretion of the administration or the whims of powerful lobbyists.

On-farm slaughter remains a key component of food security and economic well-being for a tens of thousands of Americans, especially in rural areas. Furthermore, it helps foster the most foundational elements of agricultural literacy--a basic understanding of farming realities, agricultural know-how, and traditional foodways that are fading away all too quickly. 

Please support the national petition to defend on-farm slaughter and sign-on! You can also help by calling your US Senator and Representative to ensure they “Clarify On-Farm Slaughter is Legal!” as part of their policy priorities for the 2023 Farm Bill! Go to to learn more and to to find the contact info! @natlfamilyfarmcoalition, @FarmAndRanchFreedom, @farmtoconsumerlegaldefensefund, and @ruralvermont

A full media kit to help you spread the word about this important effort is available at:

Some background explaining why this is needed is at:

April, 2023