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Action Alert: Allow Raw Milk Sales by Small Farms in WA

Chrys Ostrander

Bottles of raw milk on a small farm.A bill has been introduced in the Washington State Legislature to allow for small-scale farms to sell raw milk from their premises without having to have a Grade A dairy license (HB 2861).

The bill is very similar to a law that has been on the books in Oregon for decades. The bill is scheduled for a public hearing before the House Rural Development, Agriculture, & Natural Resources Committee on Feb. 5 (subject to change). I support the bill. It's another way to reduce our dependence on factory-farmed dairy. Things like this help decentralize dairy production and allow for a significant revenue stream for small, local, diversified farmers. There is potential for re-invigorating rural and peri-urban economies when we put people back in control of our local food supplies.

You can officially comment on the bill here:

If your Washington State Legislator is listed below, please write them in support of House Bill 2861, An Act Relating to direct sales of milk.

Blake, Brian (D)
Chair, House Rural Development, Agriculture, & Natural Resources Committee

Shewmake, Sharon (D)
Vice Chair

Chandler, Bruce (R)
Ranking Minority Member

Dent, Tom (R)
Assistant Ranking Minority Member

Chapman, Mike (D)

Dye, Mary (R)

Fitzgibbon, Joe (D)

Kretz, Joel (R)

Lekanoff, Debra (D)

Orcutt, Ed (R)

Pettigrew, Eric (D)

Ramos, Bill (D)

Schmick, Joe (R)

Springer, Larry (D)

Walsh, Jim (R)

Action Alert January, 2020